THE BOOK EVENT - November 8, 2014

Candy Abbott


When you write a book, you never know how many lives they're touching or what people will remember. There were many highlights for me at The Book Event: a sort of mini-reunion for many of the authors, networking opportunities, marketing and display techniques we wouldn't have thought of otherwise.


But the one that impressed me most was a customer who stood in front of my table and asked, "About twenty years ago, did you publish a book with a story about how your babysitter walked you across the street and introduced you to your husband?"


"Yes," I said, "and now we're about to celebrate 40 years together. That story's in this book." I held up a copy of Fruitbearer: What Can I Do for YOU, Lord? "But twenty years ago it had a white cover with little red apples on it and the subtitle was "A Guidebook to Fruitful Living in a Rotten Apple Society." 


She told me she had read it several times and then loaned it to a friend. "I don't even know where it is now."


Anybody who remembers a book from twenty years ago deserves a new one, I felt the Lord saying, so I gave her the revised version. She left smiling . . . and I'm smiling still. 

Terri Gillespie

The Second Annual Book Event afforded quality indie authors to meet and greet readers. Generally, indie authors’ voices are lost in the hyper speed and clamor of the social media world. Being able to spend more than a few seconds with readers to share why our stories might be meaningful to them, was priceless.


Check out all of Terri's books:  

  1. She Does Good Hair (Book #1 in The Hair Mavens Series)
  2.  Making Eye Contact with God (Weekly Women’s Devotional)  
  3. Stories of Passing Strangers
THE TIMOTHY TREE - Sandi Tyson (l) and Judi Folmsbee (r)

THE TIMOTHY TREE - by Sandi Tyson


I was very pleased to see the wonderful success of the Timothy Tree this year.  From the organizations Delmarva Teen Challenge, A.C.E, and names of children whose parent(s) are incarcerated we had a combined total of 30 names on the tree.  All 30 names had a book donated to them for a Christmas gift.


The Timothy Tree was a special blessing for me in addition to the joy on the faces when delivering the gifts.  I received a tour of the A.C.E Center and met some of the people there. I learned how simple it is for churches and such to provide a “Code Purple” facility for the homeless in our community when temperatures go below freezing.  I also learned that there are indeed many homeless people in our community.  We need to be praying for the homeless in our communities especially in these brutal temperatures and weather conditions.  Anyone interested in helping with Code Purple Facility should contact Jim Martin at 302.858.8556 or friend him on


I also went to a Heroin Alert program in Seaford at the Lighted Pathways building.  This program is a must-see for everyone if you can make one.  I had no idea how large the problem is and continues to grow right here in our own backyard, nor what a huge impact it has on everyone in the community.  It was very informative as well as very encouraging that so many professionals and residents in our community were joining forces to tackle the problem.


All in all, The Book Event was a great experience which lead me to a closer and ongoing involvement with the community.

Sharon Louth (click photo to go to her website)



The Book Event was a wonderful way for me to debut my first published book, Always Remember to Breathe, in front an audience of Christians. The participating writers were enthusiastic and encouraging showcasing their passion for writing and devotion to the Lord. It was a great honor for me to share my book and listen to the buyers give their testimonies while visiting my table. This was an amazing time to laugh, cry and pray together. 

Meet the Featured Authors

Fruitbearer by Candy Abbott

Candy Abbott – In 1993, with a raw manuscript and a strong call on her life to write, Candy founded Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship with three to six dedicated writers. Since then, would-be writers have blossomed into published authors, new groups have formed, and DCWF has spearheaded numerous conferences and retreats, including The Book Event. Candy is best known for Fruitbearer Publishing LLC, an award-winning company that she and her husband Drew began in 1999. Candy publishes books for many authors, but the book that started it all is her own—Fruitbearer: What Can I Do For YOU, Lord? Candy’s chatty style will draw you in as you journey with her in her quest for a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Want to know more about Candy's books and publishing company?  Visit 

Encountering Jesus by Gail Atlas

Gail Atlas - Gail writes to help others think more deeply about and highly of God. She has two adult devotional books for Advent, Expecting Jesus, published in 2013, and Encountering Jesus, just out, that will help you prepare for a Spirit-filled Christmas. She also has a children’s chapter book, Bob and Anthony, designed especially for boys six to ten that would make an excellent gift. Gail lives in Seaford and would love to meet and talk to you. Contact Gail at 

Blue Bear Finds a Rainbow by McKenzie Betts

McKenzie Betts wrote Blue Bear at the age of nine. Blue Bear is a self-conscious blue bear whose self view is molded by others. It is not until Blue Bear encounters a most unusual friend that he learns to see himself differently. McKenzie, now eleven, has written the story of Pink Bear, whose selfish ways affect others. It is not until Pink Bear is sent on a journey that she learns the valuable lesson of how important it is to be kind to others. Contact McKenzie at

The Legal Pathway of God by O.T. Blalock, Jr.

O. T. Blalock - O. T. lives in Lewes, DE with his lovely wife. His book, The Legal Pathway of God, opens up the scriptures for the understanding and comprehension of all readers and reveals hidden truths that are not being preached or taught. After following Gods Legal pathway through the Bible, readers regardless of religious affiliation, denomination or lack of biblical knowledge, will be able to clearly understand the way, the truth and the life of man to become reunited with the Creator and God of the universe. Contact O. T. by email or phone:, 941-928-9236.

There's FIRE in the House! by Anna Buckler

Anna Buckler - Anna’s first published book was released just in time for the Book Event in November 2014:There’s a Fire in the House. There’s FIRE in the house? What? Yes! There is—the FIRE of Joy, Hope, and the most powerful: Love, as well as many other attributes (see Galatians 5:22-23). These pages provide a snippet of the author’s many adventures and God-encounters. Be curious, and leave inspired. She hopes you will think, If God did this for Anna, He’ll do it for me! She prays He will. Be blessed—and be ready to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you (2 Timothy 1:6). After all, your body is the “house” (the temple), where the Holy Ghost dwells (1 Corinthians 6:19). Anna can be reached by phone 302-262-0481. CLICK HERE for Anna's book in the Fruitbearer store.

101 Surprises! by Wilma Caraway

Wilma Caraway - Author of the Christian Small Publisher Association’s  2014 Gift Book of the Year, 101 Surprises! Sayings with Scriptures You Didn’t See Coming. If you want to know more Sayings with Scriptures, then this book is for you. The Scriptures are from the NIV version. If you have ever said, “A little bird told me,” you have quoted Ecclesiastes 10:20; “By the skin of my teeth,” Job 19.20; “As old as Methuselah,” Genesis 5:27; or “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” Proverbs 27:1. The book is available from local establishments, Fruitbearer Publishing LLC, as well as from any bookstore. Contact Wilma at 302.337.7181 or CLICK HERE for Wilma's book in the Fruitbearer store.

Spiritual Synergy by Tammy Carpente

Tammy Carpenter - Spiritual Synergy offers a workout designed for women who are tired of being weighed down by the weight of their world and are ready to raise their spiritual temperature. No matter where you are in you spiritual journey, author Tammy Carpenter seeks to help you allow God, through His Holy Scripture, to strengthen your spiritual being. Contact Tammy at

Slices of Life: Couch Potato Pie by Jean Davis

Jean Davis - Jean, a Delaware resident originally from Texas, writes, humor, inspirational stories, grocery lists, and devotions. She is the author of two collections of humorous and heartfelt stories of family life: Happy Birthday, Jesus, and Other Things I Can’t Say and Slices of Life: Couch Potato Pie. Warning: Slices of Life may cause snorting your drink through your nose while laughing. Contact Jean at

Chosen by Charles de Andrade

Charles de Andrade - Chosen is Charles first published book. He has been writing for more than 20 years, and has six other books completed and several more underway. He has been married to the love of his life Gloria for forty-one years. He has three daughters, and eight grandchildren. His day job, that supports his passion for writing, is working as a CEO of a small software company. He currently lives in FT. Pierce FL, works in Atlanta GA, and is hoping to relocate to the Delmar DE area in 2015. Contact Charles at

A Distant Call by Lane Dolly

Lane Dolly - Researcher and author, Lane Calhoon Dolly, brings a rich and diverse set of professional and life experiences to her first novel, A Distant Call: The Fateful Choices of Hattie Sheldon. Grassroots politics led her from her ranch country in Oklahoma to Washington, DC in 1981. Nearly forgotten mentions of a trailblazing ancestor led her to discoveries about the Cherokee Nation before statehood in her native Oklahoma. The compelling life of Hattie Sheldon, her great, great, grandmother, parallels America’s struggles before the Civil War and beyond. Hattie’s spirit, will, and purpose live on through Ms. Dolly’s book series, Through Faith and Fire: An America Saga. Lane Dolly is a member of the Chapter AL in Reston, VA. Contact Lane at

Bubba the Busy Beaver by Judi Folmsbee

Judi Folmsbee - Judi served as the Book Event Coordinator and is the author of Bubba the Busy Beaver, a children’s picture book for ages 4-8. It is a popular book often given as gifts for children, grandchildren, mother-to-be shower gifts, and teachers. Coming out is 2015 is Judi’s book, Preposterous Pebbles. After that, next in line for publication will be the second book in the Bubba series, called Ferica, the Fast Frog. Visit Judi at or

Claire Smith showing illustrations by Josh Patterson, Gems from the House

Gems from the House - Gems from the House is a newly formed niche, publishing company. It is a business of House of Praise for All People, located in Greenwood, Delaware.  L. Claire Smith is the managing editor. She welcomes comments and questions. In 2015, Candy Abbott of Fruitbearer Publishing, will pass the task of publishing the DCWF Christmas anthology to Gems from the House. Contact Claire Smith at

She Does Good Hair by Terri Gillespie

Terri Gillespie - Terri is from the greater Philadelphia area. She writes women’s stories with heart! She is the author of Making Eye Contact with God, and She Does Good Hair. Terri speaks at conferences and women’s retreats. This is what was said about her, "Terri’s humor and transparency encourages women to seek their own safe place with God." Terri’s husband, Bob, offers book trailer services to independent authors through MTM Video. Visit Terri at

Severed Yet Whole by Betty Kasperski

Betty Kasperski - Severed Yet Whole offers the reader an inside look at one family's struggle with multiple challenges that displays how faith, hope, and courage carried them.  A page turner of adventure for the reader, this inspiring story of devotion and love will find you cheering them on as well as yourself. Visit


Betty Lewis Kasperski is an educator, business leader, inspirational speaker, author, and lay minister.

Always Remember to Breathe by Sharon Louth

Sharon Louth - Sharon is the author of Always Remember to Breathe. A business consultant by profession, Sharon instinctively knew that she would ultimately find happiness and peace by helping others. Having reached deep inside to reveal the story about life with her daughter, Sharon hopes to connect with and encourage other families who face similar challenges. She has also written a family cookbook and short stories and resides in Milton, DE with her husband, Lee. Contact Sharon at 302.228.8868 or

The Game by Pat McKelvey

Pat McKelvey - Pat is from Delmar, MD. She is the author if the children’s book, The Game. When Patti and her siblings decide to play Kings and Queens, she finds herself getting jealous of the great talents and hearts her siblings have. She becomes mean and envious as her siblings seem to ignore what she wants. Can she turn back into the sweet little girl she once was? Find out in The Game. Contact Pat at 410.422.4650 or

Buddy's Search for Christmas by Kris Penrod

Kris Penrod - Kris is a grandmother who resides in Seaford, DE and has owned horses much of her life. She believes that they are a blessing from God and embraces the motto, “As for me and my horse, we will serve the Lord.” A series of candid Christmas shots taken by her husband while she was in the pasture playing with her horses were the inspiration for Buddy’s Search for Christmas. It is an easy to read photo-filled story for children of all ages. Contact Kris at or CLICK HERE for Kris's book in the Fruitbearer store.

Joseph by Jessie Seneca

Jessie Seneca - Jessie is the founder of More of Him Ministries, national speaker, author, and leadership trainer. Jessie and her husband, John live in Bethlehem, PA and have two adult daughters. In September, Jessie released her newest bible study, Joseph, A Life of Rejections, Resilience and Respect. Her first Bible study, The Secret Is Out, is a study of Colossians. Road Trip, is Jessie’s journey of battling Cushing’s syndrome, a life threatening disease. Contact Jessie at 610.216.2730 or

Stories From the Manger by David Michael Smith

David Michael Smith - David writes from his hometown of Georgetown, Delaware, where he has resided his entire life. He solely credits God for his publishing successes, which include several appearances in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cup of Comfort, and Guideposts. He also covets the faithful encouragement of his wife, Geri, and children Rebekah and Matthew. On September 13, 2014, David was ordained a Deacon in the North American Anglican Church. Contact David at 302.854.0366 or

One December United by Sandi Tyson

Sandi Tyson - Since 2003, Sandi has published three children’s books. If Sheep Could Talk, is a book based on Psalm 23. It is translated in thirteen languages and printed in eleven. My Almighty Daddy, based on the Lord’s Prayer was published in 2005. A Mere Lump of Clay, published in 2012, is a story about a clay pot with references to God as the potter. The book featured here is One December United about two young boys who share with each other their family December traditions . . . and find direction to a new view. Sandi also designs Scripture greeting cards. Contact Sandi at 720.364.0871,,, Her books are available on

Nature Girl by Karen Whiting


Karen Whiting – Karen is an international speaker and author of eighteen books. Her books for children and youth include lots of activities and creativity. Her books for women bring hope and encouragement with creative solutions. The book she's featuring for our virtual book fair is Nature Girl Fun, which is an activities-based book for girls ages 9-12 on caring for our earth and the environment, helping girls appreciate God's creations and understand our responsibilities in caring for what God has given us. Going green from a Christian perspective.


For more information on Karen's books (interviews, video clips, etc.), or call 443.262.1302. 

2014 Christmas Book - DCWF Anthology

INTRODUCING . . . the fourth family-friendly anthology it has been my privilege to compile and publish for the members and friends of Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship. Christmas Faith & Fun is for readers who delight in probing the faith-filled, deep meaning of Christmas as well as the fun of holiday customs and traditions. The book contains a variety of stories, devotionals, poems, puzzles, songs, and tidbits.  For example, my own story, "Christmas Discontents," contains three humorous events with a challenge for the reader to identify what they have in common. There is even a 1955 Piggly Wiggly ad to remind us that grocery stores once openly acknowledged the birth of Jesus. The 36 contributing authors and I hope the book will enhance your Christmas experience this year and for years to come.


Candy Abbott

Founder & Director, DCWF

Fruitbearer Publishing LLC



Name:       The Book Event


Date:         Sat., November 8, 2014


Time:        10 a.m.-2 p.m.


Location:  Crossroad           

                  Community Church

                  20684 State Forest Rd

                  Georgetown, DE 19947



Georgetown, DE - Christian authors from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey will flock to Georgetown for Delaware’s largest Christian book sale: The Book Event. Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship (DCWF) will host The Book Event—now in its second year—at Crossroad Community Church, 20684 State Forest Road, Georgetown, Delaware, on Saturday, November 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


More than twenty authors will attend, including well-known regional writers like Karen Whiting and Terri Gillespie, and local favorites like Candy Abbott, David Michael Smith, Eva Maddox, Betty Kasperski, and Wilma Caraway, winner of the CSPA 2014 Book of the Year Award (gift book category).


Candy Abbott, DCWF’s founder and an award-winning publisher, originally saw the event as an opportunity for people to meet the authors who had contributed to the 2013 Christmas anthology. “But the more we talked about it,” she said, “the clearer it became that we shouldn't limit the event to our own group but open it up to other Christian authors.”


After that, the floodgates opened and a variety of authors signed up. “Books are from all genres, for all age groups: fiction, non-fiction, children's picture books, devotionals, poetry, as well as the Christmas and Advent books,” Abbott said.


Book Event Coordinator Judi Folmsbee said she had a hard time managing all the details of such a large event. But when she saw all the authors chatting with curious readers, Folmsbee knew she would chair it again. Members of the Book Event team worked well together and were unanimous that this should be an annual event.


"This was no ordinary book signing or shopping experience,” Folmsbee said. “It was more like a bonding between authors called by God to write and customers nudged by God to pick out just the right books.”


In keeping with the event’s Christmas theme, shoppers will be given a Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board. Those who complete the game board with author signatures can get $2 off one of DCWF’s Christmas anthologies, including Christmas Faith & Fun, which will be available for the first time.


Book Event shoppers can also participate in a charity project DCWF is calling “The Timothy Tree.” Gift tags, with the first name and last initial of a needy child, man, or woman, will be placed on the tree for customers to choose. They will buy an age-appropriate book from one of the authors, write an encouraging note on the gift card, place the card in the book, and leave in a basket for the Book Event team to distribute.


An activity table with art supplies will be available to entertain children while parents shop. Refreshments will be prepared and served by the Crossroad Community Church kitchen crew.


For more information, contact Judi Folmsbee, Book Event Coordinator, at 302.684.3603,

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