DCWF highly recommends Grammarly as an electronic proofreader. Check out their Infographics page on vocabulary, writing, and grammar tips and then visit the homepage with a 30% discount certificate at the bottom: http://www.grammarcheck.net/infographics/ The basic program is free, but they have an advanced option which is reasonably priced.

The Power of a Rewrite

The right words ARE powerful! Please enjoy this one-minute clip. It has meaning for all writers . . . for all people.

Prophecy for Christian Writers

Gold Pen Prophecy by Bill Yount
This prophecy was given on November 24, 2003. If you are a Christian who writes, composes music, or publishes as God leads, this will encourage you to press on.
Gold Pen Prophecy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [16.7 KB]

Writer Services and Helpful Contacts

Unlearn What You Know About the Writing Process

by Janna Lopez. According to this blog post, unlearning what you "know about the writing process can ignite your creativity and help you realize your writing potential. Check it out to see what you think.


Literary Terms & Devices

Intended for college-bound students, this link was provided by a teacher who found our site helpful and wanted to return the favor. The terms are informative, and you may find the additional links helpful. Thank you, Linda Price.



We are Self-Publishing with Support. We build tools and services that let you focus on writing while we take care of layout, publishing, distribution, print-on-demand ebooks, paperbacks, and more.


Authors Alliance

Questions about legal matters such as copyright, fair use, publishing contracts, etc.? Straightforward, trustworthy guidance is written in language the average person can understand instead of legalese. 


The Creative Penn Podcast

Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing, Making a Living With Your Writing: Podcast episodes are posted every Monday and include interviews, inspiration, and information on writing and creativity, publishing, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship.


The Writer Magazine

Advice and inspiration for today's writer. Articles to improve your writing, contests, and more.


How to Write a Book in 20 Steps

21-time New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins recently released an in-depth post on how to write a book from start to finish in 20 steps. 


Free Writing Schedule Calculator

How much time will it take to write your book? Jerry Jenkins has created this free writing schedule calculator. Check it out. This is especially helpful for procrastinators.


Five Tips to Writing a Compelling Fiction Book Blurb

Your protagonist or main character is the key to grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them into reading your novel. Glenna Mageau offers simple tips that can make all the difference to how you’re writing your fiction book blurb. Fiction vs nonfiction – what’s the Difference? When to write it? The Tone. Relevant and Relatable. The layout.



GiveSendGo.com is a Christian crowdfunding site (like gofundme) but for Christians by Christians and unlike most crowdfunding sites (which charge 5-10%), GiveSendGo is free. Pass it on to anyone you know who might be needing to start a free campaign! 


WristBand Express

A resource for writing basics, especially good for younger writers.



Free author resources, business advice, and writing instruction delivered every day right to your inbox.



A Playful Publisher: Cat & Mouse Press publishes interesting and entertaining books, runs the Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest and provides resources for writers. Come play with us!



Susan May Warren's website: The Craft and Coaching Community for Novelists



Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.


Direct links to Christian writers' markets! Just click and find guidelines to most U.S. Christian publishers. This is a Canadian non-profit endeavor. What a find!



On Life as a Literary Agent . . . This active, insightful blog by Rachelle Gardner, literary agent, is a goldmine for writers. Scroll down the topical list on the right for one of the best discussions I have seen on the subject of self-publishing.


Free e-mail newsletter that helps you improve your writing and grammar skills!



Chek out Pullum's YouTube series. Click the link above for part one.



Don’t miss the dynamic connections afforded by this site. Marlene Bagnull, director of the Colorado and Philadelphia Christian Writers Conferences, includes a wealth of information for Christian writer’s conferences, seminars, critiques, and more.



Christian Writer’s Resource Guide: writers groups, writers conference schedules, and publishing tips 


This marketing dynamo is known as “the Snowflake Guy” for his novel-writing method, Randy was both class nerd and class clown. He’s now an award-winning novelist, a physicist, and a fiction teacher. From fiction 101 to advanced fiction writing, Randy’s insight is something you won’t want to miss. Sign up for his free newsletter.


In no particular order, Angela Hunt is a novelist, teacher, mother, wife, mastiff owner, reader, musician, student, aspiring theologian, and bubble gum connoisseur. The things that enter her life sooner or later find their way into her books, hence “A Life in Pages.”



For people who want to learn about marketing their royalty-published books, this site is produced by CAN (Christian Author’s Network)



The Eastern Shore Writers’ Association, founded in 1985, is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization supporting writers, other writers’ groups, and the literary arts across the Delmarva Peninsula and the Eastern Shore. They welcome members to share experiences with other writers about every facet of converting ideas, feelings, hopes, dreams, and opinions to the printed word. They are poets, novelists, and writers of stories, essays, articles, and memoirs. They write fiction and nonfiction, for the page and for stage and screen. Some are editors and small publishers. Members range from individuals who aspire to write to those who have published all of their lives. While 80% are published, some write for the simple pleasure of the process. Others write so our family histories survive us.



The 7th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference returns May 3-5, 2017. This event is completely virtual—no travel required! Participate via phone or Skype as 15 top speakers cover how to publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books! We have a special offer for our members from the organizers of the Nonfiction Writers Conference. Save 33% off with this code: PARTNER33 at http://NonfictionWritersConference.com.


Speaker Training


WISE OLD SAYINGS Words to Live By 

Public Speaking, an Online Resource Guide) The people who are consistently able to deliver excellent speeches don’t get that way by accident. It is because they practice often and never stop learning new techniques. Many have had to get past stumbling blocks like a fear of public speaking or a memory problem. These issues are much easier to correct than ever before since there are a lot of places online where you can find valuable tools and information. Use the resources on this page to help you create and deliver amazing speeches confidently.



f you’re looking for an organization to help you become more comfortable in the arena of public speaking, this is an economical option. Connect with Southern Delaware Toastmasters. Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights from 6 to 7:30 at the Georgetown Public Library.



Even people who are communicative and talkative often feel nervous while standing on the stage. If you’ve ever experienced such symptoms as sweating, dry mouth or increased heartbeat, these tips for public speaking will make you more confident. These ten tips by Jack Milgram will help!



  1. Preparations
  2. Psychology
  3. Social Skills
  4. Rhetoric Skills
  5. Bonus: The Pick of Public Speaking Courses

DCWF Yahoo Group! 


Do you desire a more in-depth critique than time allows during our regular meetings? Then post your manuscript in the "Current Meeting" folder on our Yahoo! group. Here's how:


You can feel confident posting your manuscript on our Yahoo! group because of the secure server. Only approved members of the fellowship will be able to open them.

To join, visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DCWF

We encourage you to post your manuscript one week prior to the meeting so we'll have time to critique it in advance.

If you edit a posted manuscript, print out your "track changes" pages and bring them to the meeting to discuss and present to the author during our critique time.



If you want to post a manuscript on our Yahoo! group in advance of the meeting, sign in at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DCWF. Then look on the left-hand side at the menu options. Click on "Files." When that window opens, you'll see a folder for the current meeting. Open it and click "Add File" near the top on the right. Click click on "Browse" for the File Name you want to add. Then click the "Upload" button  at the bottom right. If this doesn't work, send it to me via email, and I'll post it for you.


If you have a WIP you want feedback on but don't plan to present it at a regular meeting, you may post your manuscript in the blank area. Again, be sure to post a message so we'll know it's there. Members may email their critiques directly to the author.

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