OUR NEXT MEETING: Sat., Jan. 15, 2022

9:00 AM to Noon

Abundant Life Church

20488 Donovans Road

Georgetown, DE 19947

Developing Your Characters

Gayle Marie, facilitator of our January 15th meeting

Gayle Marie has prepared a fantastic workshop with exercises to test and strengthen our characters. When you think of your favorite character from your most cherished books or movies, what is it about that character that resonates with you? Is it their appearance? Their voice? A quirky habit or physical limitation that makes you laugh or cry? What makes them so convincing? This month we will explore ways to develop your characters so they'll resonate with your audience (we'll elaborate on the importance of identifying your audience at another meeting). Gayle's handouts alone are a good reason to be there on the 15th. Topics we will discuss are:

*Characters (Protagonist and Antagonist)
*Characterization in Fiction vs. Nonfiction
*Character Arc
*Developing a Character Sketch

Refreshments: Please bring something to share.


Lunch: After the meeting, we welcome you to join us at the Georgetown Family Restaurant for lunch.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith
This Statement of Faith includes the basic tenants of Christianity. As of 2020, signing this statement is required in order to be a member of Delmarva Christian Writers' Association. Those who decline to sign the statement will be considered guests and be unable to vote or hold a leadership position (i.e., facilitate meetings or serve on the Board of Directors).
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Abundant Life Church

20488 Donovan's Road

Georgetown, DE 19947


Coming south on Rt. 113 (from Milford): As you approach the City Limits of Georgetown, turn left immediately after the BEACHES sign (an angled intersection with no light) onto North Bedford Street. (If you pass Walmart on 113, you've gone too far.) Take an immediate left on Donovan's Road (beside the State Police Credit Union). Abundant Life Church is on the left.


Coming north on Rt. 113 (from Millsboro): At the intersection of Rt. 18, get in the right lane of 113; go past Royal Farms, Arby's, and Walmart. Turn right when you see the sign for Division of Child Support Services. The Delaware Federal Credit Union will be facing you. Turn right and take an immediate left on Donovan's Road. Abundant Life Church is on the left.


Coming from the center of Georgetown: On North Bedford Street, when the road splits, bear right and go past North Georgetown Elementary. Take the next right on Donovan's Road beside the State Police Credit Union. Abundant Life Church is on the left. 

Satellite Chapters of DCWA

Kingdom Writers' Fellowship


(Please mark your calendar for the third Saturday of the month)



Facilitator: Elizabeth Boerner and Gayle Marie

Topic: Critiques, Critiques, Critiques and Your Audience

The entire February meeting will be devoted to manuscript evaluation and strengthening. Everybody, please bring four pages for us to critique. If you haven't written four pages, get busy and come up with something! We don't want anyone to be left out. On the other hand, if only a few of us show up, those who do are welcome to bring a second batch of four pages so we don't run out of words to ponder and praise. 

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Linda Hostelley

Topic: Proprioceptive Writing Technique

Linda Hostelley brings us a powerful teaching on how to get to the root of what Jesus wants to show you through your writing. This technique enables you to receive from the Holy Spirit in a fresh way to overcome writer's block, blog in your journals, but most of all, go after Jesus to seek what He wants to reveal to you. The writer's ability to influence the lives of many, including themselves, is so powerful! As you line up your writing with the Word of God, there is no limit to how God will use you to impact lives, even all over the world. Linda has taught this many times, and the cross-ministry that happens is incredible. What one person shares always is an answer for someone else in the class. It's simply awesome to watch how the Holy Spirit loves on everyone through this exercise. You won't want to miss this!

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Gayle Marie

Topic: Naysayers and Other Nuisances

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947


MAY 21

Facilitator: Betty Kaskperski

Topic: TBD

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Michele Chynoweth

Topic: “Book Marketing 101”

Even if you don't have a book published, it's important to look ahead to how you would get what God has entrusted to you into readers' hands. You won't want to miss what Michele has to share about marketing/promotions, platform, and publicity.

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Pat McKelvey


Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



No meeting. AUGUST is a time to WRITE, not to meet and talk about writing. 

Isaiah 30:8 (TPT) - God told me to write down in a book words meant for the coming generation as an eternal witness. Meditate on this Scripture and let it quicken your spirit and motivate you.
The challenge this month is to put your pen or your keyboard to good use so you'll have something to share at our upcoming meetings. We're not asking much: just one to four double-spaced pages. If you haven't written in a while (or ever), consider August your jump-start month. Record the words the Lord is entrusting to you, words only you can write that will inspire, uplift, clarify, entertain, inform, or help readers now and in the years to come. 



Facilitator: Jenna Caraway

Topic: TBD

Location: Collins Pond, 20202 Gum Island Road, Georgetown, DE 19947

Refreshments: Bring your own lunch and something to share



Facilitator: Lisa Falkner

Topic: TBD

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Josephine Whale

Topic:  Life's Journey

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947



Facilitator: Betty Kasperski

Topic: POT LUCK 

POT LUCK WRITING: This is a Pot Luck meeting with a Christmas theme. Please four pages of something you have written to read aloud, preferably something holiday-related. We won't be critiquing this time, just enjoying your creativity and discussing what is read.


Also at this meeting, we'll discuss topics you'd be interested in learning about in 2022 and ask for volunteers to lead our meetings. We already have some commitments: January 15 (Gayle Marie, "Developing Your Characters/Targeting Your Audience), February 19 (Elizabeth Boerner, "Critiques, Critiques, Critiques"), March 19 (Linda Hostelley), April 16 (Gayle Marie, "Naysayers and Other Nuisances"), and June 18 (Michele Chynoweth, "Book Marketing 101"). We need teachings and facilitators for the following third Saturdays: May 21, July 16, August 20 (or should we take this month off?), Sept. 17 (Collins Pond?), October 15, November 19, and December 17. 

POT LUCK FOOD: Please bring Christmas snacks and hearty refreshments as we'll be having lunch together during our meeting.

Location: Abundant Life Church, 20488 Donovans Road, Georgetown, DE 19947

Refreshments: EVERYONE (lunch and Christmas goodies)



Kingdom Writers' Fellowship meets in Seaford led by Teresa Marine CLICK HERE for more information.

 CWF Eagles Nest 

A small group in Rehoboth that meets in Donna Carver's home. CLICK HERE for more information.

Other Groups

VINE & VESSELS (closed) - Betty Jarman and Joyce Sessoms were original members of Delmarva Christian Writers' Fellowship in 1993. They formed Vine & Vessels Christian Writers Fellowship and hosted a conference at Crossroad Community Church for ten years before disbanding. They continue to be valuable members of  Delmarva Christian Writers as we continue the conference they established. CLICK HERE to read more.

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