Claire Smith book signing at Christian Mart in Milford, November 2017

Results of December's 10-minute Timed Writing with the prompt of It Came Upon a Midnight Clear:

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear


Ben Patterson


And it came upon a midnight clear, an epiphany of a sort. The closer I am to death, the more alive I feel. There’s a God up there, or so they say. And those that say such things live life in fear. They’re afraid to die, they say, and will do whatever they can to prolong their meager existence. But I’m not afraid, not of death anyway, for I know God isn’t up there somewhere. He’s here, in this shell where I live. My body, His temple, is invincible until He is done with me. It came to me upon a midnight clear. The closer to death I am, the more of His life I feel.


A Midnight Memory

Marilyn Emanuel


It came upon a midnight clear…

The memories came, clearly, as I relaxed in my Lewes, Delaware great room late on a cool September eve, reflecting upon the night’s events . . .

. . .  earlier, I sat there trying to catch the Virginian Wallops Island rocket launch on my laptop computer.  “Come, come!”  My husband, wise man that he is, called me outside where from fifty miles away, we searched the sky then excitedly watched as the awesome rocket sped through the night sky, its tail an explosion of hot, white light with long, enflamed red and yellow tapers. The thrilling sight of a successful rocket launch, our first, imbued us with youthful curiosity, jump-up-and-down joy and good will towards mankind. It reminded me of a stunning summer’s night fifty years ago, in the wild Colorado Rockies . . .  

. . .  where I heard a Young Life leader exclaim that if he were God, he would have chosen to grab our attention by rocketing across the sky, brilliantly scrolling I AM GOD. Our Lord, however, chose to arrive as a baby, wrapped in humble humanity. The ancient night of our Savior’s birth, the heavens did break open with angels bending near the earth, rejoicing and singing. Did they perceive how years later in the solemn stillness of a Colorado night, I would ask Jesus into my open adolescent heart and discover the peace that lasts an eternity?

. . .  “For lo, the years have hastened on.” Millenniums after Christ’s birth, a half century after my trip to the Rocky Mountain camp, months after the impressive rocket launch, on Christmas Eve, I remembered it all. At midnight, I gently laid the tiny figure of Jesus upon His manger in my crèche, as my painted angel with her harp of gold stood guard. From somewhere, came strains from that glorious song of old: “Peace on earth, good will to all, from heaven’s all-gracious King!”  


Shipping Deadlines

Betty Lewis Kasperski


It came upon a midnight clear, 
That my shipping deadlines were drawing near.
Send a package to Georgia, Long Island, and PA,
I certainly need to get California on its way.
Special friends, what present to find?
Something warm for Karen, she’s always cold,
A de-clutter book for Bev, I’m sure that job is on hold. 
A book for Pennsylvania Sue
A devotional will do.
Now my California buddy, so diverse and worldly, what to send? 
An intellectual bent for that dear friend--
Historical fiction seems apropos.
Happy Christmas to all, Ho, ho, ho!  


In the Still of the Night

Candy Abbott


It came upon a midnight clear in 1952. The moon shone above a little bungalow on Dulaney Road in Townsend, Delaware. Inside, three children slept in peaceful anticipation of the gifts they would find beneath the tree in the morning. 


The record player played Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas while 

Harriet and Jack sipped eggnog, hung ornaments, and put the finishing touches on the dollhouse. 


Jack never attended church with the family, but he tolerated the tradition of Harriet reading the Christmas story from the Bible. In the still of the night, Harriet opened the pages to the second chapter of Luke and said, "Jack, would you mind reading this time?"


He drained the last of the eggnog from his cup. "Why? You read just fine."


"I know, but tonight I would like to hear your voice. Somehow a man's voice carries more authority. Just read this far," she pointed to the 19th verse, "and stop when Mary treasures these things in her heart."


He frowned.


"Please, Jack? Humor me for Christmas?" 


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear


Melinda Larimore Egan


It came upon a midnight clear….

When we left the hospital that night.

My Dad had passed away. I could feel anything except grief.

It came upon a midnight clear…..

When I was up reading my Bible, I felt God’s presence around me.

It came upon a midnight clear……

One night at the beach when I knew that my Dad is in a far better place now.

I knew that I would see him again soon.

May 20, 2017 Meeting

Beautiful Voices

by Cat Martin


Beautiful voices

Beautiful smiles

Some very new

Others walked many miles

All together, united by faith

United by faith in this peaceful place.

Thank you for being here today.

Recent Book Signings

Judi Folmsbee

PERFECT MISFITS is pleased to announce it's first book launch, featuring Judi Folmsbee's hot-off-the-press children's picture book, Preposterous Pebbles.


Perfect Misfits is Elizabeth Boerner's new store, located at 22440 Lewes Georgetown Hwy., Georgetown, DE 19947, and the book launch is scheduled for December 18 from 1 to 3 PM. The store also features other Fruitbearer books, pre-loved furniture, an art gallery, workshops, and more. Come, celebrate with Elizabeth and Judi. Look for the lollipop sign with this logo:

Wilma Caraway

BROWSEABOUT BOOKS, 133 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. 


Wilma Shepard Caraway will be appearing at Browseabout Books on Sunday, December 18, from 2 to 4 PM, to sign copies of her brand new book, Kids' Talk.

Out of the mouths of babes come very interesting thoughts that often make us laugh. Their heart-warming words bring joy to our days and ease our tensions. Most of us have a few we always remember.

Wilma Caraway has captured many delightful expressions and sidesplitting sayings that will make you recall your own children’s words. The divisions reflect many reasons and times children create their own cute expressions. It’s a book that will brighten your day at each reading.

The signing will take place on Sunday, December 18th, from 2 until 4 PM. Caraway will also sign copies of her previous book, 101 Surprises: Sayings with Scripture You Didn't See Coming.

Mary Emma Tisinger

The pastor of Calvary Assembly of God in Dover, DE, invited Mary Emma Tisinger to host a book launch in the church on Sunday, December 4, at 6:00 p.m. Thirty +/- people enjoyed a covered dish supper with Mary Emma and her family, and her daughter decorated a cake with the book cover. Following the meal, Mary Emma gave an inspiration talk and guests were chatted happily as they waited in line for her to sign their books. Candy Abbott and Elizabeth Boerner were on hand to witness the excitement. Well done, May Emma!

Karen H. Whiting

A fond farewell to Karen Whiting (left) who is moving to Florida (with founder and director Candy Abbott)
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